This is LiJin

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Looking for a glimpse of the Yellow River

The Yellow River bridge、LiJin Hydrological station--the last one of the Yellow River、Leisure Tourism Area of Phoenix town 、 Tongjia ancient village、Lijin Education and Health Resort、Gaojia village of Beisong town、Yellow River culture、Redculture is reflected here

First Encounter of Phoenix town

rest in the appealing scenery

Phoenix square、Chicken habitat garden

Xiaoyue Lake、Lijin Ecological Garden、Cuiyuan Lake、Ecological forest farm in sandy areas、iron gate pass、Intangible Cultural Heritage Street-Old Street 、Night view of Jin Second Road

Welcome guests all directions

Enjoy quality life in the city

Yellow River Bridge Railway 、Shugang Railway 、Rongwu Highway、Lijin South Station、Bus Terminal、Southern Ecological New District、Culture and Art Center、Lijin Museum、Lijin Senior High School、Western Office Area、Eastern Office Area.

Morning picture of farmland

Compose a chapter of wealthy people

Tan Yang Industrial Park in Yellow River Estuary 、Chenzhaung Modern agricultural industrial Park、Qilong River Pastoral synthesis、Lijin Northern Suburbs Demonstration area for Integrated Development of Rural Industries、Shengshui Circular Agriculture Demonstration Park、Yanwo Rose Garden、Mingji town High standard farmland construction project of 8,000 mu

Set Sail · New journey

Coagulate heart to forge ahead in the endeavor

Lihuayi High-end chemical industrial park、Lihuayi Group focus on five ongoing projects,including high-performance ABS polymer materials ,two new project、Phoenix Pharmaceutical Co., LTD、Sanyang textile、Bright Morning Dairy Co. LTD

、Xinhe Biopharmaceuticals、

Lubei Railway Logistics Park

Welcome to Lijin