Choose Lijin

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Choose a city

Choose a lifestyle

Choose a life


makes the pursuit of dreams more firm

entrepreneurial zeal takes root here

Scholars of the Yellow River Delta, Chief expert of Yellow River Goat Industrial Technology Research Institute:I was born in and grow up in Lijin.The rapid development of livestock industry in my hometown has provided a broad stage for my academic research and the development of industry in my hometown .

Li Bing(a Tsinghua University graduate,and a talent in the Phoenix Talent Project ):At first, I was moved by the sincerity,What really made me choose to stay here is the career plan tailored to you.

Sun Xiao(Head of Country Garden Agriculture Dongying Project):Lijin has a favorable talent policy, social atmosphere that loves talent,Favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.Here I can paint a beautiful picture of rural revitalization .

Tong Fuxing(Qilu village star,Green health mushroom farmers professional cooperative chairman):I worked my way up here,The Party Committee and the government have given me great support,The edible fungus industry has become a lifelong career.

Lijin, a city once chosen ,lifelong stay.

The transportation here is convenient.It borders the Yellow River in the east and the Bohai Sea in the north.The main high-speed railway lines converge here,The Jinwei high-speed railway runs through the border.

It's ecologically livable.Cultural, educational and medical infrastructure has been improved,You can push the window to see the green vitality,It has the elegance and warmth of going out to enjoy the garden,the charming scenery with river wind and sea charm.the natural charm is unique

Industry is booming here.There are 100 billion industrial clusters,There are flocks of Tan sheep breeding park,new chemical materials、new energy、digital economy、biological medicine、healthy cultural tourism,all the programs and industries are going strong,is the city's main battlefield of the old and new kinetic energy conversion,plays a principal role in investment.

Service is paramount here.Respect every entrepreneur,Treat every striver with has Considerate brand service,There is a strong atmosphere for entrepreneurs to do business,There is a broad arena for young people to find jobs and start their own businesses.

This is Lijin,

an open city appropriate for living and industry, and full of vitality

Lijin is open to your arrival